Vertical Blinds in Crawley | Choosing the Right Colour for The Room

The shape and style of a window can dictate the type of blind you select. Roller blinds are great for shorter, wider windows, whereas you may require made to measure blinds for larger apertures, like patio doors. Choosing the right covering will help to set the tone for the space. But this is only half the job. It is just as important to match the colour of your blind to the décor of the room.  

At CAH Blinds, we supply and fit such products as roller, Roman, pleated, Venetian and conservatory blinds in a wide range of colours and shades. So, whatever interior design you have in mind for your property in Crawley, our horizontal or vertical blinds will add the finishing touch.

Neutral Colours

Bold, dark tones work well for certain rooms. However, they could make a box room look even smaller and may clash with your current furnishings. Hanging vertical or roller blinds in neutral colours, on the other hand, creates an illusion of space that makes any room feel bigger.

And it’s not just about the size of the room, but also how big your window is. After all, you need to think about how your made to measure blinds will look when closed. Do you really want a wall of black material covering your French windows at night?

Light colours, such as white and cream, are perfect for large windows in homes and offices around Crawley.

They are, therefore, the ideal choice for long vertical blinds and conservatory blinds. Although, they may not be the best choice for bedrooms, unless you like to wake up early in the morning.

We suggest getting a blackout blind for an undisturbed sleep.

Pale Shades

If you feel that white or cream roller blinds might look too clinical for your property in Crawley, pale shades of colour provide the answer. Sitting perfectly between bright, bold colours and inoffensive neutral tones is a whole world of hues. Made to measure blinds in softer tones of green, blue, orange and yellow keep your home or office light and airy, whilst adding some style and character to the room.

However, always make sure that the colour does not clash with your walls, flooring and furnishings, or you may ruin the effect.

Pale vertical, roller and conservatory blinds are meant to subtly enhance a room, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Bold Colours

Sometimes you want your blind to make a statement. In such cases, you can’t beat patterned and colourful horizontal or vertical blinds. This is particularly effective in large, spacious rooms, as well as those with a neutral colour palette. Using made to measure blinds with bold colours draws the eye to a focal point and adds style and personality to any room in Crawley.

Bright, pattern-imprinted roller blinds add flair to rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and cloakrooms, but may be too busy for bedrooms and living rooms. However, bold colours like navy blue, lime green and terracotta are a popular choice for roller and conservatory blinds.

Whatever impact you want your new blind to have on your home or office, CAH Blinds has an extensive range of products to choose from. From Roman and Venetian blinds to shutters and curtains, we supply and fit coverings in a variety of materials and colours to suit any space.

Call us on 01342 328 364 for vertical blinds, roller blinds, conservatory blinds and made to measure blinds in a wide range of colours and shades, to suit any property in Crawley.