Roller and Vertical Blinds in Haywards Heath | Choosing an Appropriate Colour

Window shapes and styles will dictate your choice of covering. Roller blinds work well on shorter, wider windows whereas vertical blinds suit a window or an opening with more length. But it is colour that enhances living space, and what makes your décor choices easier on the eye. Located in East Grinstead, we can supply made-to-measure blinds in a full palette of colours, and fit them, for homeowners in the nearby Haywards Heath area.

We specialise in blinds of all styles; roller, pleated or vertical, in wood or fabric, and in conservatory blinds which make the perfect addition to orangeries too!

The way you choose blinds and colours impacts the whole of the room space so, if you’re looking for something to add to a Haywards Heath home over the longer term, put some extra thought into your purchase. We recommend colours for roller blinds, pleated blinds and vertical blinds that tie in with existing décor and soft furnishings to create a more consistent style.

Darker Rooms

Pick something a little softer and lighter for a small or dark room. White or cream made-to-measure blinds make a great choice for kitchens, living areas and box rooms with minimal natural daylight. White might not work so well in a bedroom unless you like to be up early in the morning, and white conservatory blinds that clash with white uPVC frames may feel just a little too clinical.

We believe that white blinds create the illusion of space inside Haywards heath homes, and they look particularly sophisticated when used to full effect.

Matching Current Décor

Roller blindsand vertical blinds in natural earthy colours best suit rooms with a country or rustic theme but, for a more contemporary style or a full-on modern look, stick with made-to-measure blinds in a single bold colour. Try not to mix between traditional and contemporary styles and go for something that adds unity to your current home décor instead.

Match soft furnishing colours for conservatory blinds in your Haywards Heath home, or opt for something that’s in direct contrast to the colour of the framework.

Creating a Focal Point

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to choose roller blinds or pleated blinds in one bright colour to make the window a focal point, particularly in a room that has single or understated tones. Alternatively, use vertical blinds over French or patio doors, or even a wall, in colours that draw the eye to the feature for aesthetic purposes rather than for practical needs.

If your Haywards Heath property has a simple colour theme already, using made-to-measure blinds in bold colours should bring everything together without turning otherwise classy room space into a disorganised mess.

The Maximum Three-Colour Rule

Avoid too many colours in one room or, if you have an open-plan ground floor where traditional living space and extensions combine, stick with made-to-measure and conservatory blinds in no more than three colours throughout. Roller blinds in bold colours offer a more modern feel inside your Haywards Heath home, whereas pleated and vertical blinds in softer, lighter colours create a more relaxed atmosphere.

The team at CAH Blinds can help you make your final choice.

Knowing how to choose made-to-measure blinds, or off-the-shelf Roman, Venetian and conservatory blinds, opens up a wealth of interior design possibilities. Consider too that darker colours can make an otherwise cold room feel that little bit warmer.